You’ve built a presence, now protect it.

You’ve spent the money and done the work to get the perfect website for your needs.
You should protect that investment.

We can help keep your WordPress site up to date and secure. Our WordPress Security Plans include regular backups, WordPress core and plugin updates, and a security guarantee.

Why We Do It

27% of all websites are powered by WordPress. That’s a large number and an important reason to make sure your site is secure.  We are constantly reviewing the latest in WordPress security and taking all necessary steps to ensure your site is isn’t vunerable in any way.


WordPress Security is a must. Don’t try to go at it on your own.  Let the experts do it.

  • Websites powered by WordPress Worldwide 27% 27%
  • Wordpress sites that are up to date 40% 40%
  • Compromised websites because their owners forgot to update 96% 96%

According to statistics From 40,000+ WordPress Websites in Alexa Top 1 Million, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks.


Why You Should Do It


The majority of hacks and malware get access through out of date WordPress Core or out of date plugins.  Keep in mind only 40% of current WordPress sites are up to date.

We will test all updates before deploying them and keep you site up to date.

Back ups

Like anything else in this digital age it is irresponsible not to back up your data and website up.  In the off chance your site gets compromised there should always be data to roll back to.

Based on the plan you choose, we will do regular back ups of your site and database.

Spam Monitoring

Hackers and bots constantly attempt to login to websites using common usernames and passwords.  We also block known malicious IP’s automatically.

We use only the best practice for username and password.  Ensuring a hacker or bot cannot guess your username or password correctly.


Content updates

Based on the plan you will also receive set number of hours that you can use over the course of the year for  content updates and additions.

Ready To Protect Your Investment?

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