Why Video Content For Social Media Is More Important Than Ever. Videos are an easy way for brands to engage their audiences by presenting information in a concise and easy to digest format – and today, people want more information in as little time as possible, making videos one of the most popular mediums for marketing.

But to what do we owe this increasing trend of social media video marketing? Why is it that the world reportedly consumes 1 billion hours of YouTube content per day?

Well, we’ve come up with a list of reasons for why video content is the new choice of marketing content for social media platforms.

Graphic Content Is More Memorable

Most people are visual learners; in fact, over 90% of the information our brain processes is graphic, and the human mind has the ability to process it faster than text.

Hence, information processed through visual or graphic content can stay with viewers for longer, making it ideal for social media marketing.

Videos Are More Attention Grabbing

While the internet and social media are the best platforms for content sharing, they are becoming increasingly saturated by the day.

Creative and unique videos are what can help grab the average viewers’ attention and hold it long enough for your brand message to get through.

video productionIt Is Easier To Share Visuals

It is a general trend that videos/images get more engagement on social media in the form of likes, shares, and comments than basic text posts. In fact, social media posts with graphics or videos tend to get 94% more engagement.

Also, according to research, tweets that include photos receive 150% more re-tweets, than simple text-based tweets.

Videos Are More Educating

According to HubSpot, 97% of marketers believe that videos help explain products better than text.

Marketing tactics have transitioned from actively selling a product, to creating a wholesome brand image that people can identify with. Businesses now focus on creating brand recall and identity through social media videos as they can get more information across in less time.

Videos Help You Beat The Competition

Videos work wonders in conveying the right tone of the message to a client, and perhaps that’s why 81% of businesses now favor videos over text for marketing.

Also, videos allow marketers to experiment more with their content, compared to a plain text-based format.

You can make your videos resonate with your audience by experimenting with different colors, themes, and styles – and gain an edge over your competitors at the same time.

Search Engine Optimization

Video-based content is favored by search engines as it is usually concise, and high-quality. Cisco predicts that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will mainly be video based.

Therefore, using more video content can also add to your SEO – given that your videos are properly optimized.

Businesses should not overlook the power of combining their videos with the right keywords, titles, and descriptions.