The 4 Best Hosting For WordPress.  Designing a layout and buying a domain name isn’t going to be enough if you want people from all over the world visiting your website. Without a web-hosting, your website can’t go live on the Internet, which means you’ll be receiving zero traffic.

To run a website, you need a reliable, fast, and cost-effective host, anything less and you’ll be receiving complaints about your website malfunctioning, or worse; Error 404 Not Found.

There are plenty of options available on the internet and choosing one out of the many available can pose a daunting task, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. However, after careful review and testing different hosts and what their consumers have to say about them, here’s a list of the best WordPress Hosting Services


This is by far the most famous web hosting provider among online real estate owners all over the world, as it has more than 10 million registered domains. However, users have complained about speed issues in the past.

Hostgator is recommended for beginners who are searching for a reasonable Starter plan. With a purchase price of just $5.95/month, Hostgator is definitely on the affordable end of the scale.

You can also remain stress-free in regards to its customer support. They have a team of capable and helpful professionals dedicated to assisting user 24/7.


If you’re searching for a no-hassle way to kick start your website operations, SiteGround is preferably the most trustworthy hosting. With insanely fast loading speeds, inexpensive packages, and advanced features, it is undoubtedly a premium hosting service provider.

You can always rest assured that their expertly trained support team will help you solve your issues, no matter the complexity or simplicity. SiteGround is also one of the website hosting plans exclusively recommended by WordPress itself. Their basic package starts at $3.95, which is too good to be true.


BlueHost is one of WordPress’s earliest hosting websites, which has extraordinary features that get the job done at a starting price of just $2.95/mo.

BlueHost is WordPress’s official hosting service and has security features that can help secure your data from potential spammers and malware. However, most reviews on the internet have shown that their customer support takes a long time to respond and that customers have experienced issues with website speed.



Another easy to use service, available with a single-click WordPress installation feature is DreamHost. As the name suggests, it is a dream hosting service for beginners who are searching for an uncomplicated service.

You get a custom dashboard, unlimited space, and consistent support from their team. Although their asking price sits at the higher end of this list’s range (at $7.95/ per month), they provide a 97-day money back guarantee. DreamHost also allows you to experiment and try out features which are most suitable for your needs.


Final word

Business owners have a wide variety of service plans to choose from. Once you have noted down your custom requirements, it will become easier to make your decision.

The above-listed hosting services are the best in the market, so make sure you choose the one that fits your budget and helps you stay online.