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Mental Health America of Boone County

How Digital Marketing Helped Mental Health America of Boone County Raise Over $45,000 In One Night. Each October for the past 6 years Mental Health America of Boone County has hosted their annual fundraiser, “Dancing With The Boone County Stars”. Year after year, the event has provided the nonprofit with much needed funds to operate and expand the programs for which they have become known. The event has seen it’s best two years in 2018 and 2019 with an increase in fundraising each year.  Video and social media marketing have played a large roll in this increase.


The Challenge

MHABC asked DevLab Creative to help boost attendance for their 6th and possibly final Dancing With The Boone County Stars. The event had seen a steady drop in interest and funds raised. Our charge was to create a renewed interest and develop strategies to increase the funds raised at the event.

The Solution

After sitting down with MHABC, we decided that a social media campaign would be the best solution.

We first created a landing page with event information that showcased each of the dancers, their bios and links to their GoFundMe fundraising pages as well as several calls to action (CTAs) for ticket purchase.


Once the landing page was set up and optimized we moved on to creating short videos with the dancers. We interviewed a select few dancers and recorded some of their dance routines. The videos served as a teaser and were used in our social media marketing efforts leading up to the event.


Our efforts quickly paid off as the event sold more tickets more quickly than in any other year.  Mental Health America of Boone County was able to raise 50% more at 2018’s Dancing With The Boone County Stars than they had in any other year.

They decided to bring us on board again for the 2019 event. In addition to the social media marketing we decided to create a video for the event. 2019’s event was more successful than 2018 and we hope 2020 keeps the trend going.

“The event is well received, but as fundraising events do over time, we had considered that it had run its course. We set a lofty goal, knowing that if we didn’t meet it, we would change direction in 2019. We surpassed that goal.”


-Pascal Fettig,

Executive Director, MHABC

“We are very happy with the expertise and effort that DevLab brought to our event.  Without question, they had a big part in the success of this year’s event and we’ve already hired them to take care of next year’s event.” 

-Pascal Fettig,

Executive Director, MHABC

“DevLab Creative was integral from a marketing standpoint for our event. Their efforts increased our event’s visibility, and therefore our level of ticket sales increased earlier on, which made planning the event much more seamless.”

– Katie Pollock, MHABC

Our Work With MHABC

Mental Health America of Boone County is a 501(C)(3) organization and a Chapter of Mental Health America, the country’s leading nonprofit dedicated to helping all people live mentally healthier lives.

Website Design

In 2018 DevLab Creative worked with Mental Health America of Boone County to help re-establish the organization within the community.  The first step in helping Mental Health America of Boone County achieve their marketing goals was to create a brand new website that was both user friendly as well as functional for their needs.

Social Media Marketing

Once the website was launched we created a social media marketing  campaign to boost enrollment in their preschool and after school programs.  Four videos were created for use in the marketing campaign.  Each video was scheduled and strategically posted on social media platforms.  For the first time ever, they had to close enrollment due to reaching their maximum student capacity.

Event Marketing

Dancing with the Boone County Stars is Mental Health America of Boone County’s largest fundraising event.  After running the event for 6 years, attendance was waning.  We suggested a full social media marketing campaign.  We created a landing page that showcased the dancers and sponsors as well as a call to action for ticket purchases and dancer donations.

We used videos on social media to draw traffic to the landing page.  The videos introduced the dancers and specifically answered the question of why they chose to support MHA of Boone County.

They sold over a third of their capacity in tickets after release of the first video.

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