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You’ve created the content, now use it to drive action.

Every organization has a unique story to tell. To be successful in sharing your cause, you need to understand your unique value proposition and how to share that information with your chosen audience online. Your story has been told in your fundraising materials, grant proposals and videos, it’s time to tell it to the social media world to build awareness, donations and volunteers.

How volunteers of America’s social media awareness compares to other national organizations

Volunteers of America

Youtube 964

Facebook 66k

Twitter 9k

Instagram 2k

Linkedin 16k

Charity water

Youtube 26k

Facebook 435k

Twitter 1.3m

Instagram 411k

Linkedin 22k

Mental Health America

Youtube 950

Facebook 159k

Twitter 291k

Instagram 48k

Preemptive Love

Youtube 1.8k

Facebook 85k

Twitter 17k

Instagram 80k

Why does your social Media Following matter?

In reality, it doesn’t matter much at all.  Your following is more of a base measurement of how well you are building awareness through your social media channels.  You aren’t building awareness for your cause on your following alone.  You’re building awareness by running quality content that your followers like, share and most importantly, engage with.

social media marketing is your Tool for Driving Social Change

How Do we do it?

1. Establish your goals

2. Modify your target audience

3. Develop your a strategy

4. Repurpose your existing content

Whether you’re looking for donors, volunteers or cause awareness social media, content and digital marketing is an optimal path for nonprofits.  Let us help you build a campaign around your existing and new content.

Digital marketing is a great way for your organization to expand its sphere of influence. Many charities continue to rely heavily on direct marketing tactics such as flyers and direct mail campaigns. Although these offline strategies are an important part of a well-balanced marketing plan, organizations run the risk of missing out on increased reach and donations if they fail to incorporate digital into their overall business objectives.

Many large-scale non-profit organizations like Greenpeace, UNICEF, and PETA With more and more people using social media daily, social media engagement allows charity organizations to widen their net and reach a larger audience on a relatively limited budget.

1. Save you time

2. Increase your awareness

3. Achieve your goals

4. Increase your Donor/Volunteer base

How your  organization  benefits!

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