How To Advertise Your Brand On Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the digital marketing spectrum; in fact, around 63% of consumers expect brands to office customer service through social platforms and 90% of them already use these channels as a way to communicate with a business.

Remember, new businesses are launching left, right and center, leading towards a highly competitive environment.

To stand out, organizations need to create brand awareness and showcase their USPs – and social media, with over 3.2 billion users worldwide, is the perfect platform for this.

Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Businesses need to enhance their social media marketing efforts by creating a presence on all credible channels that may have their target audience.

In short, you should not limit your reach to just Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn – also consider exploring platforms like Instagram (one billion monthly active users), Pinterest (250 million users monthly), etc.

social mediaReaping Benefits From Advertising On Social Media

Consider this: SEO leads to long term results whereas social media marketing can help you spread brand awareness in the short run.

The strategies, if properly executed, lead to an increase in increased ROI for your campaigns, better sales, a stronger community, etc.

Here are some ways you can reap the maximum benefit from social media marketing:

Maintain Consistency

Be consistent in all the ads and posts across all your social media profiles, groups and pages. You have to maintain your brand voice, the theme and the overall message – essentially, this means that you have to tailor your ads according channel you are using, but the overall message should never change.

Choose The Right Medium

This is extremely important – while there a number of social media sites in the world, you need to pick the right ones that cater to your target audience.

For instance, Facebook and Instagram are better for B2C customers, whereas LinkedIn is excellent for connecting with B2B customers.

Know Your Target Audience And Their Interests

The aim is to influence your target audience by catering to their interests. You should create your content in a manner that may enhance your credibility and encourage them to reach the intended conclusion, i.e. choose your offering.

Once you are aware of your targeted customers and their interests, try to find gaps that you can use to your advantage.

Simply put, you should find what your target audience is looking for and answer such questions through your posts and ads. This will not only increase your credibility but also serve to enhance your brand presence.

You should also build communities on social media channels of like-minded individuals whose interests are in-line with your goals. For instance, you can create private groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where you share and host informative videos, blogs, etc.

Use Targeted Keywords In Your Ads

Once you have picked a few keywords that depict your values, offerings and what you do; you should use these keywords in all social media ads and posts. This helps you maintain a theme and also supports your SEO strategy.

Paid Ads

Again, picking the right social media channel depends on its users; if you want to advertise a career opportunity, LinkedIn may be a better option than Instagram.

On the contrary, if you sell a B2C product such as shoes or jewelry, your best move would be to use Facebook or Instagram. Targeting can be done by filtering your target audience’s interests, demographics, groups, pages, location, etc.


Within the next five years, influencer marketing is expected to grow into a $5-10 billion dollar industry.

This is not really surprising, especially since influencers play a huge part in giving your brand the recognition it deserves. Remember, these are people whose opinions are highly regarded by their followers – as such, 49% of consumers depend on influencers for product recommendations.

So, find an influencer who belongs to your niche and reach out to them with a good proposal. The costs may vary on the intended goal, but you can either fix a retainer or you hire them as an affiliate.


Overall, there are multiple aspects of social media marketing and advertising that you should consider – but most importantly, you should dedicate your time and resources towards the right platforms.