6 Free Ways To Market Your Nonprofit

Non-profits need exposure, perhaps even more than for-profits. Why? Funds. As you know nonprofit’s business model is based on the generosity of others, both in money and in time. So marketing your non-profit effectively will not only lead to additional revenue, but will also help you attract quality board members, volunteers, and gain more exposure.  So, here are 6 free ways to market your nonprofit.

Nonprofits don’t have a lot of money to throw at marketing. Fortunately there are plenty of free avenues for nonprofits to take in their marketing efforts. It just requires time and discipline.

1. Social media

First things first, social media. I will assume most nonprofits are already blasting social media on a daily basis. If not… WHY?  Social media is THE place to be for free marketing opportunities. Let’s talk about the big two.

Facebook –(my personal favorite) set up a business page and communicate with your followers by posting photos, updates and most importantly blogs and stories (we will get to this later).

Twitter –  again, tweet photos, updates, blogs, industry news and retweet others relevant tweets.

To gain the followers that you need to be successful will take time and daily dedication to your social media outlets. This is a long process so do not get discouraged. Don’t forget to use your board, volunteers and supporters to help by sharing and retweeting your content.

2. Blogging

Another free way to market your non-profit is create a blog on your website and update it weekly with information that is helpful and useful to readers. You don’t want every blog promoting your nonprofit. To gain readers and repeat readers you need to publish blogs that are informative. An example would be a nonprofit that’s mission is to help cancer patients blogging recipes for cancer survivors, or top ways to prevent skin cancer.

The more useful the information you give, the more it will help your marketing strategy, increase awareness of your organization and mission and engage your audience. Remember, when someone reads your blog they are on your website leading them to read more blogs or learn more about your organization. Oh yeah, you should post, tweet, repost and retweet your blogs on a regular basis. A well-written blog will never go out of date.

3. Engage your current board, volunteers and supporters

That means keeping them updated and informed, and it also means getting them to do things with and for your organization. And here is where the second part of this strategy comes in: Ask them to tell their friends, family and colleagues about your organization.

4. Videos

You don’t always need a professional video. Anyone with a smartphone and free editing software can create videos that can be posted on your social media sites or even directly on your website (although, I would suggest professional videos for your website).

There are a number of types of videos that you can share. For instance, you can share clips showing community service and involvement or messages from your board president or someone that has benefited from your organization.

You might have noticed the theme already, if not, get these videos out on your social media platforms.

5. Create and Promote Stories that Your Engaged your audience.

Your organization has stories to share. These stories pull at the heartstrings of your audience and guess what.. get shared on social media. Nothing generates a following better than a story about someone who benefited from your organization’s cause.

6. Partnerships

Partner with other nonprofit organizations to help promote each other on social media. Take advantage of the partnerships that you already have with local businesses and combine for a social media campaign taking advantage of their followers.

Great marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, the more creative you are with your marketing, the less you’ll have to spend. But remember, this is a time consuming endeavor that will only benefit your organization if you are dedicated and vigilant about keeping your marketing relevant, timely and consistent.

Hey, if all else fails you can always pay someone to do it.

If you have any questions about your organization’s marketing feel free to contact us, even if you only need advice with free ways to market your nonprofit. We’ve worked with several nonprofit’s marketing efforts.  

Advice is always free.



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