DevLab Creative

Albert Einstein mused that insanity is nothing more than doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. DevLab is the result of a little insanity and a lot of passion. For years upon years we worked for ‘the man,’ doing business as it has been done for years upon years and expecting to see changes that would never come, both personally and within the industry.

It became evident in November of 2015 that the time was right to move on from the monotony we had come to know. It seemed that the stars were aligning when just after the birth of our baby girl, Tiffany’s position with a tech education company was eliminated and the direction of Chad’s position left us wondering about our futures. Years worth of conversations turned into creating an actionable plan to make DevLab a reality.

We developed a set of statements by which we are committed to run our little company; a credo of sorts, which will serve as a transparent set of guidelines for the operation of DevLab.

• We are committed to serving the needs of small business and contend that they should not be excluded from having their tech needs provided by inflated pricing. We hope to play a large role in fostering the development of small business and nonprofits.

• We are small business. We will never outsource your project. While we may enlist the help of some of our partner companies, you will be in constant contact with your project lead at DevLab and any contractors will remain in constant contact with DevLab. You will never be pawned off to a middleman.

• We are committed to leveling with you regarding your project. We will not lead you or let you lead yourself toward a pricey project, which is not beneficial to your business.

• We will not make you feel lesser than by dropping buzzwords to seem more knowledgeable than our clients. We will ensure that any necessary technical terms are fully understood by your team.

• We will not prioritize bigger clients. Our work is done via production schedule on a first come, first served basis. We will make every attempt to give you a precise start date, but do not overlap projects. By doing so, you can rest assured that you are not placed on a back burner. Please note that some clients have ongoing service and that these maintenance pieces are built into the production calendar.

Perhaps it’s a bit selfish. By operating our business this way, we can sleep at night. We aren’t worried that if a big client’s priorities change, we won’t be able to feed our kids. We fully realize that we won’t likely be purchasing a second home with this business model, but that isn’t our intent. We hope that you see the value in this model also.

**Please note that this blog is subject to change in the event we are the winners of the $700M lottery. Sorry.