2 orgs + 2 years = 4 events with larger impact!


We believe that storytelling is the force behind successful fundraising.

With digital media dominating the way we receive information it’s only fitting that it should be the way we deliver information.  That’s why videos have become more crucial to fundraising.

Each October for the past 7 years Mental Health America of Boone County has hosted their annual fundraiser, “Dancing With The Boone County Stars”. Year after year, the event has provided the nonprofit with much-needed funds to operate and expand the programs for which they have become known. The event has seen it’s best two years in 2018 and 2019 with an increase in fundraising each year.  Video and social media marketing have played a large roll in this increase.

“We are very happy with the expertise and effort that DevLab brought to our event.  Without question, they had a big part in the success of this year’s event and we’ve already hired them to take care of next year’s event.”

-Pascal Fettig, Executive Director MHABC

Why has it worked?

It works because you’re telling a story, you’re giving the donors a true story about how your organization has helped, straight from those that have benefited.  And, if the story is told correctly, you are pulling on the audience’s heartstrings, drawing out emotions that make them want to give.  Our approach to video storytelling is this, If there is a dry eye in the house then we have failed.  Drawing upon emotion compels attendees to take action.

Since Boone County Mentoring Partnership was reestablished in 2015 they have hosted an annual fundraiser, “The Dinner”. Although it was always a success it was also their only fundraising event and the funds raised supported the following year. Boone County Mentoring Partnership needed a series of heartwarming and inspiring videos to show at their annual fundraiser dinner. We created three videos showcasing their programs and designed to entice the crowd to give.

In 2018 and 2019 they were able to exceed their goal and increase funds raised each year.
It is a very rewarding feeling to know that our nonprofit video series helped this organization.

“Awesome work by DevLab! We are fortunate to have this creative organization working with us!”

-Matt Wilson,

Executive Director, BCMP

Where does it work?

It works everywhere, online, social media, email marketing.  Although, we have seen the best return at fundraising events where your audience is captive and already ready to give.  At events, we have seen donations go up 30% – 50% in years that one or more videos are aired at the event.  We’ve seen attendance go up 10%-25% when video is used online and in social media to promote the event as well as a small increase in pre-event donations.

In 2019 The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library was in the process of obtaining a new and larger building but needed to raise capital to make the purchase.  They decided to use popular crowdfunding sites to raise the money needed.  We were able to create several videos to use on these sites as well as social media and live events.  They were able to raise the funds to purchase the building as well as do the build-out.  They hosted their grand opening on November 9th.

“What most impressed me about the team at DevLab Creative is their ability to step into an entirely new organization and very quickly educate themselves to understand the organization’s situation and needs. When everyone is so busy, how nice it is to see a final work product that requires little to no revision whatsoever.”

-Julia Whitehead,

Founder & CEO, Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library


What makes DevLab Creative good at video marketing?

We have been working in the marketing, video production and nonprofit industries for over 20 years.  In that time we have learned what works and what doesn’t.  We understand that our expensive camera equipment and computers or our state of the art editing software does very little for the outcome and success of our fundraising videos.  What makes a successful video is storytelling.  We know how to tell your story, what questions to ask in interviews, where to place the subtle asks and how to string your story together to get the best fundraising results.

Videos allow organizations to combine their mission and story with emotion to create a connection with audiences that words and images cannot do. There is no question that stories can transform the world by impacting in a way that engages and inspires donors.

There is no better force than emotion to make a connection with donors that inspires action, and videos allow you to bring this story to life in a way that words alone can’t.

Please reach out to us if you would like to increase the effects of your fundraising with video storytelling.

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