3 Tips For Using Social Media To Improve SEO.  While social media helps brands increase audience engagement, website rankings and visitors are still largely dependent on SEO. This begs the question: does social media directly affect a site’s SEO?

Well, no – at least not directly.

seo social media

While social media may not directly contribute to search engine optimization – at least in our conventional understanding of it – it is one of the factors that can build our presence online, and in turn, improve our SEO.



Here are 3 ways you can use social media to improve your SEO:

1.    It Increases Your Content Visibility

You could be putting out the most amazing, key-word optimized content out there, but if it fails to reach your target market, it’s of no use – and this is where social media comes in.

Social media serves to create discourse around your brand, and a way to spread your content to a wider audience. If nothing else, sharing your content on social media platform helps increase your online presence.

2.    Social Media Profiles Show Up In Search Engine Rankings

While uploading relevant content to social media may not be getting you as many visitors to your website, you can be sure that it is creating recognition and buzz.

In fact, social media profiles are often the top results to brand related search queries. So, keeping an engaging and informative social media page or account can help your audience find your products and services.

In other words, this means that your social media presence matters to search engines. Hence, using SEO optimized keywords with your marketing content on social media can and does generate a number of leads for your business.

Also, as more and more people use social media to gain information or read reviews on a brand, it is important for businesses to remain active on their social pages.

3.    Social Media itself acts as a Search Engine

Social media is a dynamic platform; where it was once a platform for people to connect remotely, it has now become the center for all marketing and promotional campaigns.

Many users also utilize social media platforms as a search engine. In fact, people prefer to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. to look up information, instead of using actual search engines.

Take these stats for example: In 2010, Twitter revealed that it processed 19 billion search queries in a month (5x more than Bing). Similarly, Facebook in 2012 claimed that it handled around a billion search queries per day.

All in all, it’s safe to say that marketers need to combine their social media strategies with their SEO campaigns to boost their brand visibility and building trust amongst their audience.