7 Simple Ways to Get More Online Reviews.  Known to impact up to 67.7% of purchasing decisions, impactful yet good reviews can boost your sales through the roof. Netizens; keen and regular users of the Internet, with serious intentions to buy usually swarm through the first few reviews. Products and brands lacking good reviews face low traffic and have yet to gain consumer trust through the art of online reviews.

Almost 74% of consumers put more trust in brands with better reviews. The first few good reviews are most productive in building potential partnerships for the business.

With such impactful benefits, it’s important to drive up your review sections. Here are 7 simple ways to get more online reviews for your business:

1.   Request

Getting reviews can be as simple as being polite and asking. Around 68% of customers are bolstered into action and will leave a review when businesses request them to do so. A useful way is to dispatch follow up mass emails to customers requesting a review, or providing feedback cards on the spot.

2.   Show You Care

Without your consumers, your business would never take off and it’s important to give them the appreciation and credit they deserve. Customers are likely to affiliate themselves to companies that show they care for their people. Businesses that reply to their reviews online assure their market that customer opinions matter to them.

Often it can shift decisions in the brand’s favor. 7 out of 10 customers are more likely to alter their opinions regarding a brand and are more likely to leave reviews on purchases as well. Hence, building the habit of replying to your reviews can be paramount to your bottom-line.

3.   Pop and Lock

Have a popup request feature appear on screen on apps after the expected delivery of the purchase. Such feedback techniques after the use of a service generate real-time responses and act as a useful reminder; ensuring a surefire way to build an effective online presence.

4.   Review Based Loyalty Programs

If there is anything people love more than complaining, it’s receiving free gifts and discounts. Set up a loyalty program that rewards customers for their feedback, this provides consumers with a benefit to engage with the brand online and speak about it.

5.   Get Verified

Now more than ever, consumers tend to leave responses on review sites. Having verified accounts on multiple sites garners a better response rate and optimizes your listing on such sites.

Consumers are likely to find your business more legitimate, thanks to your broad online presence and leave a review. Even gaining a single star on your average rating can increase revenues up to 7 percent.

6.   Provide Direct links

Generating a review is less likely if it requires too much search work on the consumer’s part. Providing a direct link in emails can improve average star ratings while a strategically placed clickable button on websites entices a response. Make the process as simple, easy, and quick as possible.

7.   Aim for Transparency

It is easy to write fake reviews singing praises about your products and services, but no longer does it generate trust in your brand. Heavy moderation and removal of poor reviews does not earn the business any brownie points either.

All this ultimately leads to is reputational damages and a loss of trust in your review section. Avoid foul play and aim for organic growth


No matter how you choose to tackle this task, the main aim should remain to initiate engagement and starting a conversation with your current and prospective customers. The more customers react with your brand online, the more trust you gain in terms of your target market, as well as the online community helping you rise to the top.

Remember to maintain integrity and avoid fake reviews. Consumers will interact with your brand online as long as you keep the conversation flowing.