3 things you can do to rejuvenate your nonprofit’s marketing.  Although the new year can be rejuvenating for some, it can cause others to need some serious creative inspiration. Creativity is our job at DevLab Creative, yet we often find ourselves in a creative slump.  When this happens we take a step back and focus on the basics of our message and marketing goals.  It’s true that creativity is in our blood and your nonprofit’s passions lie elsewhere, but it is easier than you may think.  Here are a few things to consider applying to your nonprofit marketing work.

  1. Why should anyone care about your cause?

How can your nonprofit make people care? Why should people care?  If you can’t answer these questions then how can you expect people to care about your cause?get donors

There is so much content out there already by nonprofits that share your mission and passion or have causes of their own. It can seem to be crowded online with messages promoting brands that aren’t yours.  So, how can you step out in front of the rest?

First, reflect on what’s already out there. Focus on what’s working for other nonprofits and what catches your attention? How are they marketing their brand and where are they doing it?  Take those ideas and improve on them, make them your own.

  1. Where are you applying your ideas?

It’s hard and getting harder to just throw a few ads out on social media and expect to see the donations pour in.  Ads are easily skipped over without notice, it’s not enough to create an ad, blog or image anymore.  There has to be purpose behind it and a goal in front of it.  You have to understand what platforms serve you best and the best approach for each of those platforms.

  1. How can your brand be the center of your marketing?

People love identifying with recognizable brands. This is where branding, at its core, comes in. People love to support their favorite brands (Nike, sports teams, clothing) or supporting causes that have identifiable brands, like the cancer ribbons.creative marketing

If you can keep your brand consistent and set realistic marketing goals for your organization, volunteers, donors and users will more be likely to support and be an advocate for your cause.



If you’re still looking for ways to get more creative with your marketing this year, consult with our team – leave us a message here to let us know what your project is and we’d be excited to help!