5 Reasons You Need To Invest In Video Marketing. Since the first television sets occupied our living rooms, to modern social media platforms – humans have been enthralled by visual content. It is not surprising that the videos watched on YouTube total approx. 500 million hours a day – people prefer videos above all other mediums.

The convenience videos bring to the masses makes them an attractive and efficient medium for marketers to reach and address their targeted audience. If you are still not sure about investing in video marketing, here are five reasons that will make you think otherwise.

Video Content Ensures Brand Recognition

80% of customers are able to recall a video they’ve watched in the last month. In an over-saturated marketing space where the average human attention span has fallen to that of a goldfish, it is an amazing recall rate.

This is one of the major strong points of video marketing – consumers are able to recall highly visual content much better than text-based content – 95% compared to 10%.

Not only is the message delivered more efficiently, but the audience absorbs the message better. Going by the adage, a picture says a thousand words. A video? Researcher Dr. McQuivey estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words!

Customers Demand Video Content

Customer demand drives sales, and sales drive marketing efforts. Catering to public demand is not only profitable but also signifies the entity’s commitment to its customer base. When asked what kind of content is most desired, 54% of customers chose video content – more than any other form of content.

Customer preference is derived from informational content. With video marketing, marketers have the opportunity to educate and introduce users to the information they didn’t know. 74% of people who watch an explainer video of a product, buy the product.

Video Content Boosts Conversion

Marketing is centered on conversion – increased sales are the primary indicator of an effective marketing strategy. Taking into account the fact that 90% of consumers state that a video helps them make a purchasing decision – your marketing efforts have a clear direction to move into.

video conversion

A well-articulated video is a complete advertisement campaign in itself, luring the customer deeper into the conversion funnel until they have converted successfully. Even when placed on the landing page, a video can boost conversions by more than 80%.

The benefits of video marketing are spread across conversion phases. Not only does video marketing interest and grasp customers’ attention, but also backs it up by cultivating the desire and action to convert the customer.

Video Content Improves Your Websites Ranking

Good quality, relevant video marketing can drive an increasing number of people onto your website. 65% of customers visit the brand’s website after viewing a branded video. Increased traffic improves SEO drastically.

Google has vigorously emphasized quality content appraisal over content that lacks value. The quality content disseminated through video marketing causes it to rank better than text-based content.

According to a study, a website with embedded videos is 53 times more likely to show up higher on SERPs. Coupled with the fact that Google owns the biggest video library in the world, YouTube, videos are more essential to your search engine ranking than ever before.

Video Performs On All Devices

The plethora of different devices with different operating systems and browsing requirements has rendered responsive design as a crucial component of digital marketing.

When a company’s content faces issues on a given device or a browser, it loses the customer. Fortunately, video content is one that performs just as good on a smartphone as it would on a laptop.

Furthermore, it is imperative to respond to mobile users who constitute 90% of video viewers. Mobile phones are where the world browses, watches, and responds. Not catering to the smartphone demographic is a mistake marketers can’t afford to make.

Mobile users feel more ‘attached’ to video content than people who watch video content on television or desktops.

video marketingBy 2021, 80% of all web content will consist of videos. 76% of marketing professionals are already planning to introduce a video marketing strategy to increase their brand awareness.

Video marketing has a quantifiable positive impact on your sales efforts, and the stats are there to prove it. If you are not contemplating a video marketing strategy, you risk lagging behind the competition and falling down the consumer choice pecking order. Video marketing has evolved beyond luxury to a necessity for survival in the competitive digital marketing space.