How do you ensure your rebranding efforts are adopted with enthusiasm?  The rebranding process is fun and exciting for any company or nonprofit. A fresh new look and feel. What do you possibly have to worry about…right? For those closely tied to the project, this is an exciting time. But for those outside the creative realm or with concerns about the logistical side of rebranding process, it can create tension, misunderstanding and could be seen as wasted resources. Here are a few tips to ensure your efforts are not lost on those most important to your culture…your internal brand champions.

  1. Keep Them Informed of the ProcessbrandingMake sure employees and board members have some buy-in by keeping them abreast of progress and timeline. Explain the process and ensure them that you’re working
    with a credible company. Continual updates will help with the “too many cooks” or “I know a guy” problem often seen when taking on a rebranding effort. Enlist one or, at most, two employees to join the committee or marketing meetings.


  1. Celebrate & Educate
    Hold an internal brand launch party and use it as a time to inform and educate employees. Give them early access to the new look. Make it tangible by supplying them with their new business cards and new brand apparel. Ask them to bring their outdated branded materials so they can be purged. Make a quick slideshow to inform them about the guidelines and how/when they should be used. Keep it simple and fun. Let them know that the success of this initiative is in their adoption first.


  1. Remain Connected
    To ensure a smooth public launch, there may need to be some handholding. Set a date and work towards that date. Engage interns or volunteers to help change email signatures. Ensure the new designs are easily identified and available to every employee in a shared drive or in a cloud folder. Make sure your website is reflective of the new brand. Use available and relevant media to share the brand. Say “thank you” to employees for their patience and enthusiasm as the new brand is rolled out.