Is it just me, or does studio photography give you horrid flashbacks of high school yearbook photos? Even a beautifully arranged vase of flowers can appear awkward in front of a generic screened backdrop. Often, what makes up the seemingly unimportant background can single-handedly change the impact of your photo.

Regardless of what you are trying to photograph, the key is in highlighting your subject through its surrounding environment. Read on to discover the best ways to use nature to make your photography stand out from the rest.


portrait photography

Photo courtesy of Traskbritt

As opposed to a generic studio backdrop, backgrounds in real life environments can help tell part of the story of a person you are photographing. You want to photograph your subject in an environment that compliments their personality without overshadowing your subject. Whether they are in front of a library shelf full of books or a field of sunflowers as effervescent as their personality, you want to make sure that the background is not too cluttered or full of too many bright colors.

Your subject should appear comfortable and look like they belong in the environment while still standing out from it. Try to photograph them interacting with what’s around them. Maybe you can capture them pulling out a book from the shelf, staring off among the sunflowers, or stopping for a friendly chat.


landscape photography

Sometimes the setting itself can be so stunning that it can make up the entire picture. Landscape photography focuses on capturing the unaltered beauty of the natural world and all of its diversity. The most interesting pictures can be features that humankind has never even touched, so make sure you use natural formations to your advantage as either a focal point or way to frame your scene. With the right angle, a fallen tree could become the perfect horizon line to your photo.

Also, play with natural light. There is nothing more magical than catching a ray of sunlight just right in your camera’s lens. As always, be mindful of contrast. Your picture should highlight all of the stunning opposing colors and textures that naturally occur in your chosen environment.

A thoughtful backdrop is crucial to photography and can take your photos from just fine to captivating. So go out and experiment with different environments. Afterall, perfection is in the details.


Product photography


When photographing still objects, your environment needs to be used as your contrast. The background environment should oppose your object in the foreground through color, texture, and contrast. The goal is to make the object stand out against its environment. This may even mean focusing your camera so that the subject is in crystal-clear focus while the surrounding environment is blurred.

Even though you want to emphasize the object, it still needs to fit naturally into the environment—especially if you have placed the object there yourself. Just like when photographing a person, the object needs to appear like it is naturally immersed in its surroundings.

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