Build Your Online Presence With Digital Marketing

Several years ago I was told about this amazing taco shop in a nearby little town. I tried for several months to find the restaurant, I Googled it, searched Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but found nothing.  I eventually gave up my search, called my friend a liar and never experienced this amazing taco shop.   They lost my business because they didn’t have a strong presence where their potential customer was looking for them… online.

The average American spends 11 hours a day consuming media across their devices. It should come as no surprise that your organization should be online to engage your supporters where they like to interact.

Online Marketing

To engage your target audience effectively in the way that it wants, you need to build a strong and, more importantly, active online presence.

So, how do you successfully build your online presence?

The obvious first step is your website.

If a potential client customer, volunteer or donor visits your website and cannot find the information that they need, then they will leave and probably never come back.  Your website should anticipate all of your audience’s questions before they have time to ask.


One of the very first things that your visitors should see is your mission, or what your company does. You should tell them through images, graphics, text and video.   There should be no doubt in your target’s mind as to what your company or organization does.

Part of telling your visitors about you, is letting them know about your services or programs. Everyone has a problem that you can solve, so show them past clients or causes that you work towards through a separate “Our Work” or “Our Programs” page and provide ample information.

3 Steps to a Great Website

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One of the best tools that you can use to generate traffic to your website is your blog. Now that you have strengthened your website and content, you need to start driving more relevant traffic. That is exactly what a blog can do. It can help direct your targeted audience to your website and secure more opportunities to prove that you are the best resource in your field.

To help generate more website traffic, you need to produce valuable content consistently. Use your blog to create quality content on a regular basis. This also lets your audience know that they can rely on you for certain types of information.


You don’t want to stretch yourself thin across too many networks, so also consider the time and resources you have in order to select which channels you can actively engage supporters on.  Learn how to create a social media strategy.


Facebook now has 1.55 billion monthly active users. It’s imperative that your company or organization has a consistent presence. Facebook is the number one place online to expand your reach and raise brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t forget to #HashTag!!!!


Twitter is falling out of favor lately but still currently boasts 320 million active users. Use twitter daily to share little tidbits of information, but remember the life cycle of a tweet is only 8 minutes.


As Twitter falls out of favor Instagram grows more popular.  You should limit yourself to 1 or 2 images a day but make them pretty and somewhat relevant to your company or organization.


Regular communications are vital to your social media presence. An inactive page will lose followers and deter any new ones.

How to #Hashtag


video marketingOne of the best tools and frequently overlooked is video. Eighty-one percent of millennials are believed to participate on YOUTUBE. But video isn’t only useful on this platform. It’s proven that Facebook users get more interactions with video than image and text.

Check out or blog, What is Video Marketing for more information of video & digital marketing.


Email Communications

A segmented email strategy can do wonders for your company or organization and help increase the number of “touches” the average individual has with you. Deliver highly specialized content that caters to the interests and improves the odds of your target audience engaging with you online.  Click here for more information on email marketing.



Your online presence is the best way to target your target audience and get them to interact with you and your brand.  That’s why it is so important to build your online presence right and consistently maintain it.