This month, DevLab Creative celebrates 2 years. We’ve learned a lot and we’re loving what we do more than ever.  While we’re tempted to say that we’ve exited the “startup phase,” the reality is that we really never want to get that comfortable. One of the promises we made to ourselves two years ago was to remain on the pulse of new design styles, communication methods and delivery systems.  That’s not to say that we haven’t matured a bit.  We’ve found a bit of a niche and developed some principles that we’re proud to stand behind.

1. No Pro Bono work.

We love nonprofits. So much so that we’re dedicating a whole portion of our business to helping those beasts tell their story, engage with their audiences more effectively and to raise the funds they deserve.  So why then, would we not give of our talents to the nonprofit sector?

Here’s the thing…when you’re given something, you don’t nurture it and help it grow the way you would if you had really, really delved into its birth…metaphorically speaking. We want you to take ownership of your marketing efforts. But it’s fine, because we’ll teach you!

In 2018, we’ll be offering a series of workshops getting into the nitty gritty and really giving you actual tools to ramp up your marketing game – even if you’re a solo shop.  Then, when you need to pay for services like ours, you’ll know the investment is well spent.  We’re not quite ready to announce dates and topics yet, but here are some we’re tossing around…

                Using Your Phone To Create Compelling Video

                The Free Digital Tools That We’re Not Sure How You’re Living Without

                Telling YOUR Story, Crafting The Message

                Getting The Word Out There, Literally

2. No Less Than Amazing Work

In the beginning there was design. And it was good.

We’re taking a vow to hold on to the truth that we are experts in our industry. When I got married, I met with a deejay at Denny’s and confidently handed him a playlist on a piece of notebook paper. He took a look, smiled at me and pushed it back across the table. “Do you want them to go to sleep at the reception,” he asked? I needed to trust that he was listening and understood my wishes. But more importantly, I needed to let him do his job. Easier said than done when you have so much invested, right? We take seriously our approach and work hard to ensure that we have a true understanding of our clients’ needs.  We know clean and modern and most importantly efficient design. Let us create something we can both be proud to showcase.

3. No Slackers

What do you do to give back? We want to work with companies who have active and meaningful social responsibility programs. Why? Because we like to help those who help others.  To be clear, social responsibility takes many forms…taking on a social issue and rallying around that cause, donating time and allowing employees to do the same, making a monetary gift and encouraging your employees to share in the giving. Did you know that companies who actively involve employees in a social cause see less turnover and can count on their employees to act as brand champions? Or that clients who see that you have a program in place are more likely to be return clients and refer others as clients. Giving back can be so easy but if it’s a little overwhelming, we can help you design a plan…free of charge!


Let’s design a beautiful 2018!