DevLab Creative’s Latest Work – City of Lebanon Website

Launch Party! (not really, there’s no party)

The City of Lebanon’s new website is the largest site DevLab created, with respect to number of pages and functionality. It is a site that is easily City of Lebanon Website designnavigated by residents and visitors alike and Like a true creative agency, we would love to take all of the credit for it but the reality is that municipal sites don’t happen without a collaborative team effort with solid leadership. Lebanon Mayor Matt Gentry, Communications Director Joe LePage and Deputy City Planner Derek Warren made this project a priority and every department’s involvement was crucial to its successful launch. The City of Lebanon has been a great client and we look forward to many more projects with them as our hometown’s identity begins to take shape under a branding initiative.

Although the website is up it is far from complete, Devlab Creative will continue to update content, functionality and design elements for at least the next few years. We are very proud of this site and the direction that Lebanon is heading and hope that Lebanon’s new website is only the beginning. #LovinLebanon


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