The work that a child advocacy center does is important and vital to the community in which it serves.  DevLab is passionate about the mission and work of the Boone County Child Advocacy Center.  We are lucky that our passion and talent can overlap.   DevLab realizes that most CACs are nonprofit organizations, operating on tight budgets and with little time or creative energy to expend on marketing efforts.  They are also limited by issues with confidentiality.  We created a video for our local CAC, Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center, which can be used to help market their services, seek donations and sponsorship and to raise awareness of their role in the community.

DevLab produced this video in a way that allows ANY Child Advocacy Center to add its own branding and tagline, making the video truly theirs.

Thank you, Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center for allowing us to play a small role in minimizing trauma to young victims in Boone County.  We hope that this video helps you to raise the awareness and funds necessary to continue do the important work you do.



Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center from DevLab Creative on Vimeo.

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.