Nonprofit Video Done Right

Nonprofits thrive on the support of the goodwill of people in your community who have been convinced that the cause is worthy. This conviction can only be brought on by convincing nonprofit video. Making a nonprofit video to showcase success stories is the best way of making a case for more support. A video can show the team doing the work, the location, the challenges they face and most important, the beneficiaries or impact of this work.

How can you do a nonprofit video right?


Unique definition

What makes your nonprofit unique? For example, there are thousands of nonprofits in environmental conservation. What makes yours unique? Present the problem in a way that can be easily understood and show the unique approach of the organization in solving this problem. Show the team’s culture, identity, and ideology.

Communicate to a specific audience

A nonprofit video for viewing by school kids for informative purposes should be created differently from one to be shown to a company’s board of directors when pitching for a donation. A video to ask for support should also be different from the one that is to inspire the community to get involved. Know your audience and craft your message accordingly.

Create a story with impact

Know what kind of plot you want to use. There are 3 kinds of story plots for nonprofit video:

  • Challenge plot – This shows the problem and the odds that are facing those who are tackling it. This plot appeals to the audience to help to overcome this problem.
  • Creativity plot– This tells the story of the people who have tried to tackle a certain challenge and their degree of success. It appeals to the audience to work on the problem from a different angle.
  • Connection plot– This plot is to help create a relationship with the people facing the challenge regardless of their gender, race, religion or background.

Every story, regardless of the type, should pull at the heartstrings of your audience.  There is no better way to pull them in than by emotion.


In addition, a nonprofit video story must have some elements:

  • Introduction of the problem and the people facing and tackling it
  • The struggle of those tackling the problem and the odds they face
  • Moment of change when the odds were overcome
  • Resolution of the protagonist’s commitment to stay the course
  • Call to action to the audience to do something about it


Pick the sharing medium

A story will only have impact if it is shared widely to the right audience. Pick the medium for sharing your nonprofit video.  Social media is a great medium as the story stands a chance of going viral and being seen by very many people.  But keep in mind the attention span of social media is very small.  Videos for social media should be short, 1 – 2 minutes, with our recommendation of no more than a minute.

Don’t forget about your traditional video use, meetings, campaigns and events.  We suggest shooting for traditional use and creating videos for as many mediums that you can.


If all else fails, reach out to DevLab Creative… We Can Help.


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