How Can Small Businesses benefit from Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is no longer only for big business. With the need to stay connected to clients on the go, small businesses have to look for ways to use mobile apps to stay competitive. Mobile apps are becoming very useful for communication, marketing and productivity in small business helping connect to employees, suppliers, and customers. Small businesses can tailor make apps that serve their unique needs.

How does a small business benefit from mobile app development?

Better marketing targets

Mobile is like a beacon pinpointing the user in a specific location. A small business can use geo-targeting to deliver offers to customers in that area. For example, if there is a discount in certain store, customers passing by that store can receive alerts to get in, show that SMS and get a discount. A business can go further and use meta data from mobiles to deliver offers to customers with different profiles, for example, an anti-virus for mini-opera users.

Mobile payments

Mobile payments are becoming the preferred payment method for many customers, especially in remote locations. A small business can use mobile app development to customize available payments like credit cards and bank transfers. A good example is Kenya’s M-Pesa where customers can transfer funds instantly from their accounts to a business’ account.

Improving customer loyalty

A small business can use a mobile app to have a customer loyalty program. Instead of the traditional punch card, the customer can carry the loyalty points by mobile. This is easier, more convenient and better to track. The business can also use the app to deliver coupons and vouchers just like with email.

Communication and collaboration

A small business can make communication with customers easier using mobile apps. Current services like Slack allow real-time communication at little cost. Apps can also be used for collaboration within the workplace. For example, documents in Dropbox can be accessed by several people in different locations for better team work. There are obvious cost and time advantages in being able to share information and documents in real time.

Better customer service

A small business can improve customer service using mobile apps by among other things tapping into social media networks. An app can aggregate the social mentions of a business enabling easy access to crucial market data. Clients can raise support tickets from their mobile which the business can track and resolve easily.

Recent surveys show that mobile usage is overtaking desktop usage in online purchases. This means small businesses have no option but to go where the customer is  found.


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