Why We Love Working With Nonprofits

DevLab Creative has now been in business for a little over a year. What have we learned? Nonprofits are fun to work with.  That’s why we love working with nonprofits!

Nonprofit organizations want simple and affordable solutions that help their mission succeed. Working with a nonprofit is a different experience. Staff is often more open to creative ideas. They are willing to take marketing risks and understand very well that investing in various marketing techniques builds their brand and public appeal.

Well thought out needs

Nonprofits operate on a tight budget. This makes them quite innovative in trying to stretch these budgets, as well as time conscience. Our client list is heavy with nonprofit organizations, something we welcomed – but didn’t quite expect in our first year. Often times when I meet with these clients, they are prepared with their deliverables and a well thought out plan for the project. This preparation not only helps us understand current needs but also allows us to better plan for future projects.

DevLab Creative


Nonprofit organizations have to be passionate. They are enthusiastic about their work and want to concentrate only on what will support their mission. It feels good supporting people whose mission it to better the lives of others.


Nonprofits will come to you with a need, listen to your views on how the need can be met and leave you to it. There is a level of trust, which allows creativity to flow and leads to a smooth project.


For-profit clients will at times have misplaced hopes on a certain solution. This can make relationships strained when things do not go as expected. Most of our nonprofit clients wear many hats, regardless of official title. Working with tight budgets makes people a little more realistic about what can be done within a budget. When we suggest a simple solution that works, they are happy to work with it.

Long-term relationship

Nonprofits tend to have small teams handling huge responsibilities. They do not have big budgets to experiment with different providers. This means they are usually looking for someone who knows their needs intimately and consistently. As we have learned, working with nonprofits often leads to a long-term partnership. As the organizations get to know us we also get to know that organization and their needs.

We love all of our clients, but nonprofit organizations hold a special place in our heart.