Develop A Great Mobile App

If you want to stand out in today’s market with your mobile app, you have to think outside of the box. You must be willing to view things from different perspectives so that you can get market attention as well as beat your competition. There are various techniques that you could use to develop a great mobile app including;

Next generation design

Mobile hardware is becoming increasingly advanced. This can be attributed to the growth of the software industry. If you wish to develop an app, you must consider an app that hasn’t been devised yet, something that will stand out in the future. The “future” here could be anywhere from a year to a month. Mobile hardware is becoming obsolete at a very high rate with better improvements. Develop an app for the future and the hardware will be forced to conform to it.

Push notification has been big in the mobile app world since 2014. User engagement with these notifications (when appropriately timed) can be off the charts – as high as 80%.


Work with your developer

All the great CEOs of large tech companies took part in the design of their products. While it is advisable to higher a market expert to help with the development, it is equally important to take part in the development of your app. YOU are the architect of this vision, the developer just brings it to life.


In 2015, the average time in app increased by 11%, and the number of app launches increased from 11.5 to 13.3. This means that, generally, people are interacting with apps more frequently and spending more time in apps.

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Realize your Mobile App concept

Realizing the concept

At the end of the day, having a concept is not good enough. You must figure out how to make your idea for the app an actual and applicable reality. This is where the developing of the app comes in. Two main features to pay attention to at this point are;

  • Functionality – The ease of usage and how the app works from the user’s end. Simple but futuristic functionality should be your goal.
  • Features – This includes things such as the animations, icons, color among others. Your features need to be consistent, too many inconsistent features are unappealing. Integrate the features to your futuristic idea.


Push Notifications Improve User Retention to 65%


Usually referred to as Beta Testing, this is where you determine that the app actually works. This should consist of a team from your company and a team from the development company. Believe me, each team will find issues that the other team completely overlooked.



The number of users who returned to an app eleven or more times this year increased by almost three percentage points to 42%.




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