Businesses have become more and more tailored to reach the customer instead of the customer seeking you out. The key to any successful business model is creating a loyal audience that is receptive to your message. With the expansion of the internet and greater advancements in telecommunications infrastructure, the mobile space has become an invaluable resource to businesses. Mobile apps are the new frenzy in business circles as more businesses realize their advantages over the use of websites. If you only have a website, then it’s time to expand your online presence. Converting your content and business offer to a mobile app is surprisingly easy. Whether you want to launch an app for iOS or Android or both, Devlab Creative can do it.


It’s a mobile-centric lifestyle now.


More businesses are therefore resorting to developing or having mobile apps developed for them. With the current trends, mobile apps are the way to go. Mobilizing is a key competitive advantage that the majority of businesses have yet to adopt.

So then how does one know whether their business needs an app? The answer… Do you want to be left behind?

Mobile offers another marketing channel, or new way to talk to your market. It’s a direct line to your customers, allowing them to order, make requests, give feedback or just get to know your product or service whenever and wherever they want.

By having an app for your business you automatically get access to a big client base to whom you are exposed. With each usage of your app, there is a subsequent increase in your brand awareness. This keeps you a step ahead of your competition who might not even have an app.

It is not necessary for a client to go back to your business, through its direct location or website or to even subscribe to your newsletter. However with an app, they have constant access to your business, especially if it has a sale/purchase feature, thus ensuring their loyalty.


45% of smartphone users make a purchase using their phone each month –


Through your app, you get to stay in constant touch with your clients. With push notifications and other mobile features you get to always be around. You can also provide better service to them. Similarly, you have better access to client feedback.


44% of consumers say that they would like brands to deliver deals and coupons to their mobile devices –


No doubt, mobile apps can add value to your business. They make your business instantly accessible to customers at any time. Going mobile isn’t nearly as difficult as you might believe. Most people associate app development with a high price tags, but launching an app is more quick and affordable than ever with the right company.

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