With Stripe launching their new Atlas service we thought we would chime in with our amazing experience using Stripe.

We recently used Stripe for processing payments in a current mobile app project. We opted for a subscription-based payment for our users. We started with zero experience with Stripe. Fortunately we use two subscription-based products that have incorporated Stripe, so we reached out to those companies. They were both more than willing to let us chat with their developers and within minutes we were sold.

In the past we had used PayPal for processing payments and it had worked flawlessly. But we didn’t want redirect our users to PayPal’s website and away from ours. There were too many steps in the process and too many opportunities to lose the buyer.

That was the biggest draw to Stripe, buyers never leave our site.

Stripe charges 2.9% + $.30 per transaction, a little bit higher in the long run but there are no hidden fees and no set up fees.  It’s a flat rate so you always know what your return will be.

The ease of implementation more than makes up for the price.

We used an Angularjs front-end and developed our own form for taking credit card payments. By the way, Stripe can accept just about any form of payment… including bitcoin. The backend can be set up using a number of server side languages including Ruby, Python, Node and PHP. If you don’t have experience with any of these languages, good news… Stripe provides most of the code snippets for you.
It took a few hours for us Stripe newbies to get everything set up and with little effort we were up and running. Then came testing, hands down the biggest benefit of using Stripe. When signing up for a stripe account you are given a production key and a testing key allowing you to run through every thinkable scenario with live data, by simply pushing the test button in the dashboard. Stripe also provides you with credit card numbers to test with.

No need to worry about $10,000 of test charges coming off the company card… or that call from the accountant.
By the end of the day we had created our subscription plans (with a 14 day free trial) and tested customer creation, payments and cancelations. Tracking it all through Stripes dashboard.
The dashboard is amazing. Easily track your customers, payments and plans. We have not fully experienced the dashboard, once the app is live the dashboard should prove very beneficial. It is a one-stop shop for all analytics and processing information.
We have nothing against PayPal, but Stripe is our payment-processing platform for the foreseeable future. If you are looking for developers to create your commerce site or mobile app then I would suggest finding someone with experience with Stripe, or at least suggest that they learn.


NOTE: I’m not affiliated with Stripe or benefiting from recommending them in any way. I just can’t wait for the next project that I can use Stripe.

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