As a child, I assumed that through the natural progression of life I would find myself in a career that made ends meet but gave me little satisfaction.

That I would be working to pad some big wig’s retirement or second home in St. Croix.  And that’s exactly how I proceeded into adulthood. I grew up with little and had accepted that my future would closely resemble my upbringing.  Before I knew it, I was married and had a child, then another.  Vacations were hard to come by, time with my family was limited, personal growth was limited as well as professional growth. I was at a crossroads.

I had just lost a brother and nine months later witnessed the birth of our fourth child and only daughter.  In the span of a year I had experienced the worst day of my life along with one of the best days of my life and it put things into perspective.  I knew if a change was going to happen, it had to be now.  After several long conversations with my wife, it was clear that we both desperately needed to set our own path – to carve our own future in the direction that we choose.  To take control of our successes and our failures. To show our children that they too can be and do whatever they choose. On January 1st, we set our fears aside and began the process of incorporating.   We set out to be different. As an employee, I spent hours thinking of how I would do things differently had I been the business owner.  Our goal is to have fun doing what we love and trust that success will follow.

DevLab is the result of years of observation, learning from the tribulations of those who had gone before me, and stifled creativity yearning to be set free. I have finally accepted that it’s okay to own my talent. That I am good enough to do this. That I am capable.

And if it all fails… well, then I’ll get a job.

DevLab may be a small shop with few employees and little overhead.  But that’s okay.  We are the cogs in the machine that decided to instead, be the machine… for a fraction of the cost.