What does a mobile app cost?

We are at a point in the digital age where mobile usage is at an all time high. Mobile applications have, as a result, become a great business tool. Many companies are using mobile apps in different ways to convert customers and increase their bottom line. As you consider enlisting a development shop for the creation of an app for your company, cost should be considered. The truth of the matter is that, there isn’t a determined cost for any mobile app and you will find that cost estimations vary depending on various factors.

Check out How Much To Make An App This is a fun site that can help determine the approximate cost of a mobile app. Note that one factor not considered here is the capacity and structure of the app developer. At DevLab we pride ourselves on our determination to give the small businesses and non-profits affordable access to well-designed and functional websites and mobile apps.


Any app developer will tell you that one of the greatest factors of consideration when it comes to mobile app development is the functionality of the app. How it is intended to be used determines a large part of the costs it will take to develop the app. A simple single or double structure app for instance is considerably less expensive to develop as compared to a complex multiple structure app.

The target devices/users

In mobile app development the platform for the app is as important as the app itself. There are two leading platforms currently; Android OS and iOS with the Android OS platform having more users especially in Asia and Africa since it is a more affordable alternative. The value of your app will therefore be estimated depending on whether you want a multi-platform app or a single platform app. A multi-platform app will obviously be more costly than one designed for a single platform.


At DevLab we build Hybrid Mobile Apps using Angularjs and the Ionic Framework . These are apps that are created to be used on all platforms. What it may cost to build an app for one platform can be built for all platforms at the same price.  Check out THIS great article on the top hybrid mobile app frameworks.



The performance of the app is in terms of the user interface and the features in the app. Developers generally advise for simplistic app design so that it can have an easy and manageable performance. More features, for example, icons, graphics, social connectivity, geo-location among others, the more advanced and complex the user interface which makes the app performance considerably more complicated, in development as well as in usage. More advanced and complicated performance increases the cost of development.


The time in which you set from the beginning of the development process to the completion of the app must be considerable. A good developer will lead you through a systematic process to design the app from conception to publication. Keep in mind that as you begin this process you have a clear idea of your purpose, because the developer’s time will be billable to you, thereby increasing your cost.


Depending on who you contract to develop the app for you, the cost may be higher or lower. Fairly new start-ups have lower costs while developers who have had more experience within the market are more expensive. Many dev shops promote themselves as a culture of trendy, cutting edge developers. Keep in mind that most developers are well versed in marketing techniques. Choosing a developer based upon their location or their catchy buzzwords could mean a pricier app. Take a look at the overhead that must be covered – that cost will be built into your app as well.


Like any new technology, as the availability of experts who can produce your mobile application will rise, and to that end the cost will lower. A solid plan including necessary time and vision along with the right partner will considerably lower your cost and make your app a more feasible item to increase the bottom line of your business.



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