DevLab Creative

Don’t just exist, build a presence.

A Digital Agency

Crafting a digital experience that will strengthen your brand’s position.

Forward Thinking

Our team offers integrated, strategic solutions that garner real-world results.

Problem Solvers

We understand that no two projects or clients are the same.  No cookie cutter solutions here.

Customer Support

We work for you by working with you.  Our process evolves with each new project and client. 

Why We Do It

You don’t buy a Big Mac because of the Golden Arches, but when you need a fast lunch and you see them, you immediately identify with the branding McDonalds has built. Having a solid brand is a necessity in today’s market. Your brand is the identity by which your past, current and potential customers will develop loyalties and associate your work. A good brand will set you apart from competitors. The reality is though, that many companies, especially small businesses, do not invest in marketing their brand. Wise owners realize the importance of this work and invest amply into marketing efforts. In a world of fast moving information and opportunities to increase brand awareness, marketing has never been more crucial to success. Is it time for your business to develop its brand or refresh its identity via web, email marketing, online and print campaigns and audience specific initiatives? DevLab is prepared to develop your business’s brand so that your bottom line is all you have to think about, because with a solid brand you can expect a solid return.

  • Web Design 80%
  • WordPress 90%
  • Mobile App Development 80%
  • Brand Support 70%
  • Graphic Design 80%
  • Video Production 90%
  • Marketing 90%

At DevLab we are courageous, passionate and driven. We are creative, adaptive, interested and well-versed. We take your project seriously and personally. Most importantly, we understand that while your business may be small, your needs are great and we insist on exceeding your expectations. We work with small businesses because that’s where our own roots remain.

Who We Are

Chad Perdue

Chad Perdue


Chad has been in the marketing industry for more than 12 years. Chad’s degree is in film/video & graphic design but development has been his passion. At DevLab, Chad combines his marketing, design and development experience to ensure full scope results for your projects.
Tiffany Perdue

Tiffany Perdue


Tiffany cut her teeth in the non-profit world serving in operations and communications capacities. She is passionate about engaging youth in STEM related education. At DevLab, Tiffany strives to make technology attainable to small businesses, start-ups and non-profits.


Developers, Graphics, Video

We can’t always do it all. DevLab has partnered with several local development, marketing, graphic and video companies to create a dedicated co’op of professionals that share the same vision and passion for each and every project.